Pyle Rome is a law firm that exclusively represents working people — labor unions and individual employees — and seeks vindication of workers’ rights in disputes with management.

Our public- and private-sector labor union clients include federal, state and municipal workers, including firefighters and police officers, telephone and utility workers, health care and human service employees, retail food and commercial workers, steelworkers and other manufacturing employees, craft workers, and bus drivers. We are the only union-side labor firm with multiple offices in New England, including offices in Eastern and Western Massachusetts and in Vermont. Our employment practice includes representation of workers denied fair wages, overtime pay, and health and pension benefits. We represent workers who have been discriminated against and who have suffered harassment in the workplace, as well as those facing family and medical leave issues and many other employment-related concerns. We do not represent employers of any kind. read more »

Recent Developments

14 May, 2024

On May 14, 2014, a federal judge in Massachusetts issued a preliminary injunction against cannabis company I.N.S.A. requiring the company to bargain with UFCW, Local 1445, even though Local 1445 lost the union election, because the election had been tainted by the company's unfair labor practices. The underlying decision of the administrative law judge was the first case to apply the NLRB's Cemex standard, and the federal court decision was the first to enforce a so-called Cemex bargaining order.

25 April, 2024

On April 24, 2024, a neutral arbitrator sustained a grievance filed by UFCW, Local 1445 alleging that Delaware North improperly overstaffed novelty stands at the TD Garden, potentially depriving concessionaires of earnings opportunities. Pyle Rome attorney Al Gordon O'Connell represented the UFCW in the case.

25 April, 2024

On April 25, 2024, Pyle Rome attorney Al Gordon O'Connell gave testimony to the Vermont House of Representatives Committee on General and Housing relating to S.102. His testimony supported the legislative action to extend collective bargaining rights to Assistant Attorneys General in Vermont. You can watch his testimony here (at time stamp 27:52): 

23 April, 2024

The lawyers and staff of Pyle Rome Ehrenberg are excited to welcome Catherine Terrell as an Attorney with the firm. Catherine comes to us most recently from Region 1 of the National Labor Relations Board. She spent the last thirteen years at the NLRB working to protect the rights of employees under the National Labor Relations Act, and she also served as President of her own Local Union, representing her colleagues in disputes with management. A resident of Vermont, Catherine also helps to expand and solidify the firm’s standing as the largest Union-side law firm in Vermont.

22 April, 2024

On April 17, 2024, a neutral arbitrator awarded victory to UNITE HERE Local 26 in a case where the Boston Park Plaza bypassed a number of more senior employees to promote their hand-picked candidate. Pyle Rome attorney Jim Hykel won the case for the Union.