Pyle Rome is a law firm that exclusively represents working people — labor unions and individual employees — and seeks vindication of workers’ rights in disputes with management.

Our public- and private-sector labor union clients include federal, state and municipal workers, including firefighters and police officers, telephone and utility workers, health care and human service employees, retail food and commercial workers, steelworkers and other manufacturing employees, craft workers, and bus drivers. We are the only union-side labor firm with multiple offices in New England, including offices in Eastern and Western Massachusetts and in Vermont. Our employment practice includes representation of workers denied fair wages, overtime pay, and health and pension benefits. We represent workers who have been discriminated against and who have suffered harassment in the workplace, as well as those facing family and medical leave issues and many other employment-related concerns. We do not represent employers of any kind. read more »

Recent Developments

15 April, 2022

On April 11, 2022, a neutral arbitrator ruled in favor of SEIU, Local 509 and Pyle Rome attorney Ian Russell in a long-simmering dispute relating to the step placement of state workers who are promoted from one position with an educational requirement to another position with a higher educational requirement. 

15 April, 2022

On April 6, 2022, NLRB Regional Director Laura Sacks issued a ruling clearing the way for a union election among all eligible employees in the Salem, Mass., dispensary of I.N.S.A., Inc.  This is the latest in a long string of wins by Pyle Rome attorney Alex Robertson on behalf of cannabis workers across the state as they flex their organizing muscles.

12 April, 2022

As hotels and universities reopen in the wake of the COVID pandemic, UNITE HERE Local 26 has been battling against unilateral changes that employers are blaming on the pandemic.  Pyle Rome partner Jim Hykel recently won two significant arbitration decisions pushing back against these changes.

28 March, 2022

In a case involving the Town of Scituate, the Commonwealth Employment Relations Board has affirmed that public employers must bargain about the decisions involving the safety of fire fighters. It is the first such ruling by the CERB in decades. Attorney Patrick Bryant represented the Scituate fire local during the hearing.

25 March, 2022

Judge Denise Casper of the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts ruled that the City of Boston’s mandatory psychiatric exams of police officers returning from extended leave (six months or more) violates the Americans with Disability Act (ADA). Attorney Patrick Bryant represented the Boston Police Superior Officers Federation, one of three union parties to the lawsuit. The lawsuit was largely guided by counsel for the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association.